Limited runs of Brainstorms-exclusve toys! Be sure to keep an eye on this page for launch details!

3D Printing

We are crazy excited about our new 3-D printer! We are having fun learning to use it to create custom projects.


We can help with your costume needs! Contact us for details.


Toy company not making your favorite hero, or do you need to fill in your collection with obscure heroes or villains that will never be made? You can now order the character you want!

Design Concepts

Do you have a creation that you want designed or made? From concept to creation, we can help you bring your design to life.

About Brainstorms Laboratory

Welcome to Brainstorms Laboratory. Here at the Lab we strive to give the everyday creator an affordable way to make their creations come to light. From concept to creation we can take your idea and make it happen. As you can see by our page that would not include things like making a grain elevator or nuclear bomb, but it does include heroes and villains design, props, mold and casting, and cosplay costumes, custom figures, custom trophies and much more.

If you have already created your character and you would like a figure in a custom box to market it at Cons by setting it on your table or you would like multiples of the figure in a box to sell at shows or online, we can help. If you want to make a bigger splash at your table or for your store, make it a life sized version of the character of your choice. I could go on and on about the things that are possible but I will just invite to look through the pages at some examples of what has been created and let your mind run wild!

Brainstorms Laboratory will be set up at several Comic Cons this year stay tuned to see which ones you might get to visit us at. We always have one of a kind show exclusives, so don't miss out if we are at a Con near you!